Pars Petroflow provides expert optimization for oil and gas production and flow assurance services and solutions for the petroleum industry. We offer a wide range of products and services to our clients to maximize the production potential of their oil and gas reservoirs.

Optimization for oil and gas production:

  • Flow Troubleshooting and Consultancy
  • Pressure and Temperature Management
  • Perforation Optimization

Flow assurance:

  • Paraffins, Waxes, Asphaltenes, Emulsions
  • Foaming, Erosion, Kinetic Inhibition
  • Scale Prediction and Inhibition Services

Flow assurance prediction, prevention, and remediation:

Pars Petroflow evaluates flow assurance issues associated with production throughout the life of a reservoir to cost-effective field developments. Our expertise includes sampling, analytical testing, research, and predictive models.

  • Onsite Sampling and Analysis
  • Compatibility assessment
  • Remedial options
  • Additives options
  • Inhibitor selection